Flyme OS test firmware (MX4 Pro)

Lock screen

  • FIX: After unplug the charger, charging animation does not go away.

Notice board

  • Optimization: Suspension notification display time from 10 seconds into a 5 seconds.
  • Fix: drop-down status bar in the English mode, only the date, day of the week does not show a problem.

Audio frequency

  • Fix: use the headset mode to play music in the background, entering the music volume will become a big issue again.


  • T9 search: T9 search optimization, support for searching a strange number in the call log and local Yellow Pages numbers.
  • Call reject: adjust phone settings options, call reject SMS support custom settings.
  • Optimization: Long press the call recording pop dialing, editing, etc. menu.
  • Optimization: Online correction support the numbers marked as “private number”.
  • Optimization: Yellow contact details page increase online service portal.
  • Optimization: Choose a contact interface, support for select groups, the entire group can batch select all contacts.
  • Optimization: Modify the dial-up fails Copywriting Tips.
  • Optimization: A strange number select “Add to existing contact”, the choice to return to the previous level contacts.
  • Repair: choose a contact picture number dialed, the call interface displays animated avatar Caton problems in the call log.
  • Repair: Repair and double-digit cornet make a call does not generate call records of problems of user feedback.


  • Optimization: weather, tape recorders, and other applications set to increase support for Talkback’s.
  • Fix: Open Talkback, Go to Settings - Fingerprint and security password, you can not enter a password, you can not use a lock screen password problem.

Mobile butler

  • Power Save Mode: new low-power mode to extend the use of time.
  • Optimization: low battery indicator supports custom select the power saving mode.
  • Optimization: Optimization intelligent alignment wake-up function.
  • Fix: Limit power under no unread messages receive SMS notification problem.
  • Repair: Some third-party applications permissions positioning control failure problems.


  • Optimization: Modify Pages Contact Skip contact details of jump method.
  • Optimization: Optimization SMS card algorithm, repair some user feedback parse the wrong question.


  • Optimization: Optimization light field camera mode.


  • Optimization: Increase the error prompt for the enterprise Wi-Fi authentication type.



I’m on beta but there is no OTA :no_mouth: :question:

Have you root your smartphone ? Because on Flyme OS 5 when you root your meizu, you can’t receive OTA.

You can reflash your firmware for delete root, receive and install the OTA udapte, or directly download the firmware and flash it :).

Meizu MX4 Pro

Still cámera focus problem in my case
Reverting to 22

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Meizu MX4 Pro

how do they count their Firmware ? I think there isnt even a 5.0 Firmware for mx 4 pro but a 5.5/6.x

Camera works perfect for me, as in 29
One thing I noticed is when you edit a picture in gallery the size reduces a lot, sth that didn’t happen in previous firmware

Is the notification Bug for Whatsapp etc gone??

I sometimes have a problem with the camera. When I take a picture, the phone freezes… Anyone else?

No camera focus problem, no camera freeze problem. Not even in… So far so good.

@Ljubav-Život Everything is fine. The OTA came a little bit later ;)

Focus problem here again, same as last update!

@Soamth i have the same. Sometimes When taking a picture phone is freezing and I have to restart the phone. I didn’t find the solution… :/

For me no focus or freeze problem, all works fine :).

Excellent job, meizu programmers! The 5 came on top of 4 retaining all apps and even settings. Works smooth, very fast and gives better battery life.
The things I am concerned about:
a ) how do I modify the quick settings panel? Since now DND is not there and one must go the long way to the full setting to enable it.
b ) why did the bar/qr code scanning function disappear from the cam app?

Best luck towards the final version!

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b ) why did the bar/qr code scanning function disappear from the cam app?
cause it doesnt suits to be there… my guess…

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