Flyme OS test firmware (Pro 5)

Lock screen

  • FIX: After unplug the charger, charging animation does not go away.

Notice board

  • Optimization: Suspension notification display time from 10 seconds into a 5 seconds.
  • Fix: drop-down status bar in the English mode, only the date, day of the week does not show a problem.

Audio frequency

  • Fix: use the headset mode to play music in the background, entering the music volume will become a big issue again.


  • T9 search: T9 search optimization, support for searching a strange number in the call log and local Yellow Pages numbers.
  • Call reject: adjust phone settings options, call reject SMS support custom settings.
  • Optimization: Long press the call records eject option card dialing, editing, etc. menu.
  • Optimization: Online correction support the numbers marked as “private number”.
  • Optimization: Yellow contact details page increase online service portal.
  • Optimization: Choose a contact interface, support for select groups, the entire group can batch select all contacts.
  • Optimization: Modify the dial-up fails Copywriting Tips.
  • Optimization: A strange number select “Add to existing contact”, the choice to return to the previous level contacts.
  • Repair: Repair and double-digit cornet make a call does not generate call records of problems of user feedback.


  • Optimization: weather, tape recorders, and other applications set to increase support for Talkback’s.

Mobile butler

  • Power Save Mode: new low-power mode to extend the use of time.
  • Optimization: low battery indicator supports custom select the power saving mode.
  • Optimization: Optimization intelligent alignment wake-up function.
  • Fix: Limit power under no unread messages receive SMS notification problem.


  • Optimization: Modify Pages Contact Skip contact details of jump method.
  • Optimization: Optimization SMS card algorithm, repair some user feedback parse the wrong question.



Might just be because it’s a fresh install but this seems pretty snappy so far.

@ShadowOfDeth said:

Might just be because it’s a fresh install but this seems pretty snappy so far.

Does this version offer the posibility to set the wifi address / proxy manually? Thanks!

@albireox Not sure really. You could on other versions so I can’t see why not for this one v

@ShadowOfDeth said:

@albireox Not sure really. You could on other versions so I can’t see why not for this one v

I’m on, couldn’t find those options.

Any feedback on this firmware ( Some pros and cons? Thanks.

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@ShadowOfDeth yes, I have those options too. When connecting to a wlan network, most Android builds (including flymeOS 4.5.4) had an option to set the static IP address and/or proxy address/port. It seems to be gone in flymeOS5+.

I couldn’t add my Google Account on this build. I installed Google Installer, but it doesn’t seem to install the other components (google services and playstore). I downloaded and install them separately, but still couldn’t add my google account.

LE: installed the ROM for the second time and now it works. Phew…

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