No Recovery Mode after Update Firmware

Hi Guys, i need some help. Yesterday I update firmware via recovery method with clear data. The checking firmware and upgrading was fine. but it stuck at flyme logo and keep rebooting until it stuck at meizu logo. So i downloaded test firmware and update via recovery. after finish loading Upgrading. my phone come blank and no sign of flyme logo. i’m try reboot my phone and can’t go to recovery mode. but i can go to flastboot mode when i pressed vol - + power. Any solution for my problem? TQ


@mrh4s Do you have the Chinese phone?

That’s pretty weird. What exactly did you do? The method described in the F.A.Q. will hardly brick your device… Please state everything you did, or we can’t help you.

Yup Chinese Phone.
This is what i had done.
1 download latest Stable firmware A at
2 turn off phone. open up recovery mode. power + vol up . i tick system upgrade and clear data.
3 after upgrading loading. it boot up at flyme logo just seem like usual
4 then phone rebooting and started stuck at flyme lgo without spinning flyme logo.
5 then phone rebooting with white screen. until it become stuck at meizu logo.
6 So i turn off my phone. rest it about 3-4 hours. and power on phone. nothing work.

  1. i can go to recovery mode. so i download test firmware A at put in recovery partition and tick clear data
  2. at upgrading loading. it work fine. then phone became black screen and back cover become heat up.
  3. i turn off phone and let it rest about 1 hour. and i power on + vol up to recovery mode but it stuck at meizu logo and phone will reboot in 2-3 minutes. so i try to power on + vol -. and it goes to fastboot mode. if i power on the phone it stuck at white screen and keep rebooting untill black screen.
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