Google Play Store Force Closing


I recently bought a Meizu M2 from Aliexpress and I’m really happy with this phone since it does everything I need it to. The problem is, everytime I open Google Play Store it automatically force closes itself.

It came with Play Store Pre-Loaded, I guess the sellers installed it.

The phone is running Flyme

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@Kriolo_Tech If you got it from Aliexpress i highly recommend you to install a firmware + clear data.

This is, to get rid of all the crap Aliexpress installed for you.

Read the F.A.Q., update + clear data to the latest firmware.
Link here:

Thank you for the quick reply!

I’ve downloaded the latest firmware version and I’ll try to install a firmware + clear data as you advised.

Thanks once gain,

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I’ve performed a clean install but I still can’t install google services, nothing is working, I’ve tried Google Installer but after installing google play store or google services and trying to open any of them they automatically force close.

Is flashing a International ROM the only solution?

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I flashed a international ROM and everything is working as it should now, thanks!

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