Pro 5 Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Any information you can when it comes to android 6.0 update from the pro 5?


@zotyahun Meizu just went to Android 5.1…
So it will take some time - most likely months - till they moved to 6.0.


@zotyahun as far as I know, Flyme gets a 64Bit conversion, right now.
And isn’t even half way finished.
There are a lot of devices left to receive the Flyme 5 stable … and Flyme 5 stable (global) firmware.

Simply said, don’t expect it any time soon.

However, Android 6 doesn’t bring much, but some battery saving. It’s not a big deal, nothing to look forward to.

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@Ultrametric maybe native fingerprint and USB type c support?

Now it is more serious that there will be more language support in the future?

@zotyahun what languages are you missing?


@sors an OS cannot add hardware features…

@zotyahun, Meizu will no longer include any other languages besides english and chinese in their coming firmwares.
The only exception for this is the I firmware.

@Rey International firmware should I install?

How?Describing in detail?Flyme is currently stable on the phone.Thanks!

Meizu Pro 5

@zotyahun Why not simply do a little search and follow the tutorial…

Use at your own risk ^^

For me it is not clear.The method one of the most sympathetic.But this is Mx5,not Pro 5.I would really appreciate if someone would help.


@zotyahun Then use google!

You are the one doing things to your phone. So you should be the one who knows, very well what will happen do his phone.

We like to help you, if a specific questions comes up. But researching you have to do yourself!

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Meizu Pro 5

@zotyahun This does apply also for pro 5, method 2 or 3 … All is written

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