please help! bootloop

can someone please help me?
i bootlooped myphone.
I’m new to rooting so maybe i made some mistake
So i was rooting it and i changed the permissions of the file system/priv-app to 0644 and i copy some new systemui.apk in it. and suddenly some apps stopped working i reboot it. and since then it got bootloop. can someone help me to fix it?


@rihoma03 Hello,

If you still have the Stock Recovery on your phone, just take use of it.

Shut down the phone; press n hold VOUME UP + POWER; connect the phone to a pc; copy the on the recovery drive of your phone; start an update + clear data.

@Ultrametric will my data be lost? what if i don’t choose it? sorry i’m new to this


@rihoma03 do you have much of a choice? :P

It says it anyway. All apps and settings will be lost. Pictures… music and so on remains on the phone.

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