Hi guys,

I am running into a problem with my M1 Note. Since I’ve upgraded it to FlyMe (and it also upgraded me to Android 5.1), the phone started killing apps that are running in background and I do not have any control over it. I have some apps that I need being active all the time (I need this for work) and the phone keeps killing them, even after they being whitelisted. The battery does last much longer now, but that doesn’t help that much as the phone doesn’t do what it’s supposed to.

The other issue is with contacts, which won’t load sometimes. When I start the phone, or contatcs, app, it just loads empty and it won’t show anything. Sometimes it starts showing contacts after a minute or two, but in most cases it requires a reboot.

I have also noticed that some contacts are disappearing from the list (I’m using google contacts for everything). I am 100% sure that they are gone, as I suddenly have only a number, without a name, in the calls list, and I can again save the contact under the same name.

The phone has not been rooted and it’s stock (all upgrades were done through the phone itself with no mambo jambo).