[HOW-TO] Get back DIRAC HD Sound

I contacted the dirac help site and says that the app will be a payd service so will have to wait for the launch of app and “buy” /buy it. :)
Need help! Things are beyond my knowlege.
Only way until now i guess is to downgrade to and follow the down steps.
You need to be rooted!
Do not update the music app!
Open music app and close it.
Open lucky patcher, go to settings, open Filter and check “Show system apps”. Go back to lucky patcher home, touch Music app—“Open Menu of Patches”— yes----“Remove Google Ads”—“Patch to remove Google Ads”—and here check only “Make fully offline”— Apply— wait for patch— Launch.

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Thanks mate, u made my day, i will try asap

I can´t get it to work on my MX4 Pro.

Followed step by step but when opening the Music app Dirac is not there.

I´m on 5.5.12,29.

I know. Unfortunately in 5.5.12,29 does’t work. I made it work in 5.5.12,22.

Meizu MX4 Pro

@radumihai said:

made it work in 5.5.12,22.

I am in the 22 and not being able to get DIRAC.
Could you make a “guide for donkeys”?, this type…
1.- Install patcher
2.- Active patcher in Xposed

I would appreciate a lot your help…

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Meizu MX4 Pro

Impossible. In my case, cannot recover Dirac.
Something important is missing and we do not know what is it…
Thank you in any case, radumihai. Has been very kind of you.

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@jrotaetxe tell me what does’t work. maybe some screenshots. i would be happy to help you

Meizu MX4 Pro

The app is restored to the old one, and runs, no problem at all having that “old” music in Flyme 5, but the “circle” of settings does not appear until I open the internet and restart.
When I press the circle, everything is there, but the DIRAC…

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