How to change Flyme YunOS to Flyme OS 4.x.x.A/I ?

Hey MeizuFans! Unfortunatelly I bought Meizu M2 mini with YunOS.
Please, is it possible to flash any international Android Flyme to the phone with Flyme YunOS? If yes can you write me a brief tutorial how to do it?

The problem is that I can’t change Phone ID because I am always failing with rooting of this phone - the root option in menu is missing and I couldn’t find any another way how to gain root rights. Also I have tried to flash other official versions C and U but the recovory always ends up with incorrect file failure.

Thank you in advance for any advice!

PROBLEM SOLVED: The A version has to be flashed over Y just as regular update :-)


Did you try to read what is written in the F.A.Q. and just upgrade to the “A” firmware.

You do not have to root your phone to update. Link for the F.A.Q. is in my signature.

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