Root directory, where are you?

hello guys.I need help to find root directory on my meizu mx5 and i havent seen any normal tutorials about it.please help

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Moved the topic and adjusted the title a bit.

It’s Linux. Android is based on it

It’s the first thing you see after clicking phone storage, when connected to the Pc.

Or like in the following screenshot, when you click on “All Files” and then you are in the root directory.

but i placed my firmware update in that page it still says its not in the directory.when I open the file it says firmware corrupted.

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connects to the PC and then copy firmware for storage root clicking will update but with this warning about corrupt is not the correct firmware


@eliga159 It says firmware is corrupt because you might have a Chinese device.

Just to have it written down, what exactly are you about to do?
What do you want to do?

I want to update it to flyme 5.

@Dimitrive I downloaded the firmware from this website .


@eliga159 read the f.a.q…
Link is in my signature.

okay.thanks.I will try again.

still doesnt work.I placed the file in the needed place and then ,when it checks the firmware it says firmware corrupted and goes back.I dowloaded the file from this website and i dont know what to do. The flyme version i have in my phone now is

ohhhh… i had to change my phones ID .Now everything is fixed.Im upgrading right now. thanks.

@Ultrametric i updated to and the play store doesnt work anymore.

@eliga159 said:

@Ultrametric i updated to and the play store doesnt work anymore.

It’s normal i A firmware.
You must downlowad google service installer and instal on your device.
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