New firmware Global

Hello Everyone.I would like to install International firmware in my M2 but the main problem is that my phone is with C firmware.If someone succesfull installed this firmware please give me message.Iv’e made a couple times to try with toutorials recovery ,adb method and with using supersu , also shell terminal but no succes.I will be gratefull for any suggestions.BR

Ok thanks but I can’ find working apk.And what I should type in this place:
Replace XXXXXXX with the correct partition system for your device
There’s nothig about smaller m2 device?


@napie just use method one

Thanks so much for help and i’m sorry for mistakes in creation my topic.Finally upgrade is done with first method.But it was possible after reflash with A firmware. Thank You and BR.

Meizu m2 supports VoLte calling? please reply.

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