unlock boot loader meizu m2 mini

how to unlock boatloader? can you guide me step by step?


@Afazz_dev You are about to do something super risky, It’s best if you grap a cup of coffee and read up on it. To know all there is to know.

Start to do your research! Or it’s you that ends up with a bricked phone.

You’ve just given him a lecture, but no information? Does anyone actually know how to unlock the bootloader for a Meizu M2?

Or for that matter, how to root the device (standard Meizu rooting doesn’t seem to work at all), or modify it in any way. The device is choc-a-bloc with bootloaded bloated apps that start when the device starts, and adware for the browsers, which choke the memory and battery, but cannot be modified in any way? Does anyone have a solution for this, or know where we can find a solution, besides offering sanctimonious comments and paternalistic warnings that belie any useful information whatsoever?


@ETPhoneHome Quite a lot of people brick the phone, and are super super surprised by it. (Or frustrated, when it’s a expensive useless brick, that can’t be repaired.)

You got me. I added this disclaimer, on purpose. But not only for him, the disclaimer is meant to warn everyone reading this topic.

uh and If you look around, you see me adding disclaimers to most topics that may harm your phone.

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Once again, if you perform something like this. @ETPhoneHome

Do a research! And read as much you can about it! The more you know the better!

Here is a screenshot, of the procedure… it is also listed on another place on this forum.
Yet I upload it, as it guides you into the right direction. Guides you to a place where you may find the information.

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I found a tutorial at YouTube and I try it. And I success without any problem.

@Afazz_dev said:

I found a tutorial at YouTube and I try it. And I success without any problem.

Can you add the link of the tutorial pls?

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Wait? Isnt all meizu phone have a locked bootloader? If he succeeded will it work in any other meizu phones?


@RoeiG nope.

The hardware and software is different. It’s not given that one loop hole works on all.


hi what i got with unlocking bootloader?
if i want custom recovery and “real” root do i need unlocked bootloader?

I have tried but not luck, in terminal when i type sh /sdcard/unlock_bootloader.sh and hit enter, I get mesage like No such file or directory…
I dont understand why is this hapening. I have copyed file unlock_bootloader.sh on my internal memory and on my sd card. Can someone tell me where I m geting wrong, or some advice, plz


@pedjakis then you are obviously in the wrong directory. Check again carefully what you have done.
Additionally try to verify over ls that the file is there.

When I start terminal, first type “SU”, it showes me that Im in rootM2 (I asume thats internal memory of the phone… right). but, why then I have to type sdcard unlock bootloader, when that file is not on sdcard?


@pedjakis to be honest I do not recommend trying to unlock the bootloader.
Nothing against you, but I am afraid that you might break the phone and make it unusable.

root is the superuser of the system (who can do everything), not the file path.
You maybe want to read yourself into some Linux basics first before proceeding with this guide.

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