Downgrade Music App to 4.4 on Flyme 5

Does anyone know how to force music 4.4 to install on Flyme 5? I am a huge music fan and there is no comparison between the sound quality of version 4.4(with DiracHD turned on ) and the latest version of the Music app. I was utterly impressed by Flyme 5, I honestly think its the best launcher by a country mile and I love the new enhancements. Unfortunately, because I am hugely music orientated, I downgraded back to Flyme 4.5 so I could use the old Music app. I actually like the UI of the new music app, its purely the sound quality that is lacking. Surely there must be a way to force it to install. I have the apk, but when I try instal it, it says I cant.

@tremaine go to app on setting and select music app then uninstall update i think.

Thanks for the reply @jayb4u but in Flyme 5 the default version of the music app is 5.03. Uninstalling updates on Flyme 4.5 takes you back to the default version there which is 4.4.

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Thanks so much @radumihai, I will give that a bash right away.

Hi @tremaine ! Have you found any solution to get back DIRAC on Flyme 5? I’m really satisfied with the OS new look after upgrade but I missing the Dirac effect.

Beside the sound quality, does anybody experience lower volume with flyme os 5? İ am not sure, but i guess i was listening same files via same earphones at lower volumes on flyme 4.5

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