No 3G with my mx5

i ve problems with my mx5
i dont get a 3g connection with the firmware max speed ix 0.06 mbps but with wlan i have normal speed. ( bout 10-15 mbps)
i allready tried to use new apn doesnot work
iam from austria
What can i do
thanks for your help

Do you have an other SIM to test?

what is your carrier ?did you buy it locally?
make sure it’s not the poor signal,if the phone is brand new give it a few days or try changing to A or even I firmware.

Hi Sea

Thanks for your answer

i bought it in September and it allready worked
i have the A firmware on the Phone



@skiwelt I wanted to respond earlier, but was too busy to do so :(

I use the MX5 with the same carrier in Austria. But only have 3G on preferred mode.

Where from in Austria are you? Did you do anything, move around or so? We could check your engineering mode. Will write about it, later.

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