Muted microphone during calls

Hi to everyone

My name is Daniel and im from spain. I have tryed to find a answer to my problem but nobody knows how i can solve it and here i am…

I just buy the meizu mx5 and almost everything works fine except when im making calls because no one can hear me but i can hear the other person speaking me. I checked the microphone with a program to record my voice and works ok… just i have this problem making calls.

I have tried to clean the microphone, to upgrade flyme, etc… but nothing works.

Someone know how i can solve the problem?

Thank you

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Hello, welcome :)

Did you clear data, when you upgraded the firmware?
Is your phone rooted? Did you manipulate something?


Im gonna answer your questions:

  • Yes, i have cleaned data and i updraded flyme os. I have the last version.

  • Im not root but i can do it

  • I have not manipulated nothing in the phone

Maybe i can try with other dialer or something like that.

Thank you!


@danlez Did it ever work on your phone?

Do both microphones work? Can you make a test if the one on top and the one on the bottom works?

i found something new in my problem making a call.

If i make a call and try to speak i can listen me in some speaker in the phone but If i put my headphones works fine and i people can hear me.

Something is wrong and i dont know what it is.

Thank you


thank you for helping me.

I did some records with both of them and works fine. I can hear my voice ok. The problem is if i make a normal call i can hear me with by the speakers but that not happen when i put the headphones.

the last thing that im gonna try is to make a call by a program like whatsapp.

Hi Danlez.
I’m facing the same problem with my MX5… people can only hear me if I use it on speaker, and I am also able to record my voice.

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