new M2 Note, Google installer error


I received my new M2 Note in the mail today. The download of the google installer seems pretty straight forward, but I’m getting hung up.
I’ve tried completely uninstalling the google installer and hard booting.
Then I attempt to reinstall. It loads all 10 of 10 but then hangs up with “installing”. The “installing” never turns to “installed”.

I have also done the following: screen says “a key to install google services” with “uninstall” and “A key to repair” as options. I select “a key to repair”. Click “ok” then phone hangs up on “installing”. There is a red exclamation to the right of the google play shopping cart and there appears to be a message off screen.

Any thoughts? I’ve read through the topics on the forum and see other issues with google install, but I haven’t found this one… Thank you. edit : Android 5.1; Flyme

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Yep, everyone is experiencing this.


@jkgus I ran into something similar, yesterday.

My guess is that the Google installer needs an update, so we have to wait for it.

You could try to run the google-installer and afterwards, install the play store and play service from apkmirror

@Ultrametric -
Perhaps I need to wait for an update…
But, I see some people, thanks to your help, have successfully worked around this problem.

I have tried 3x to deleted/shutdown/reinstall Google Installer via apkmirror. The result is slightly different than when was attempting to load it via Google’s store. Now I download, run and it appears to load. But when I try to open it from my appcenter it begins to open and then returns to the home screen.
One concern - I deleted the google installer BEFORE catching the instruction to confirm the correct version of the install. Since I’ve deleted the file I’m not able to reference the numbers in parentheses referenced in the instructions - therefore I am downloading the version you used for your mx5. Do you know if there is another way to determine the correct version AFTER google file has been deleted?

I have attempted to get in via flyme cloud; but since this phone is being used wifi only it appears that I am unable to access/bind the flyme account?

If I need to wait for an update, how quickly do we typically see updates? Thanks again for your help, it is greatly appreciated.

This post is deleted!

I have no idea how, but my problem has been resolved. I’m unaware of downloading an update, but attempted somewhat randomly to re-install the installer and it worked. Hallelujah.


@jkgus the google-installer got an update from 2.0.3 to 2.0.4 … I think this fixed it.

@Ultrametric - super, thank you for your help

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