SAR for Meizu m2 Mini?

Is it known the SAR value for Meizu m2 Mini?

Generally, SAR values for MTK phones are high and unpublished ;(

The sar value is 0.41 according to

if thats right, it is well below the max and should be ‘safe’.

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@nowv I don’t know a think about SAR, could you tell a bit about it.

Or maybe someone else? Pretty please.

According to, the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) value for the m2 Mini is 0,501 W/kg. Given the maximum limit in the European Union at 2 W/kg, I would say 0,5 is fairly reasonable. Personally I tend to use the phone with a headset which has a microphone. For more info about SAR, follow this link:

@Ultrametric tl;dr sar value is how much radiation(radio freq,ultrasound,and electromagnetic field ) is absorbed by the human body

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