Google Installer not work

Google does not work on the installation.I tried to install it separately on google store, but it does not work!I need help!Thank you!


@zotyahun Hey please read the Question and Answer Guideline, there is a lot of information missing.

I ran into trouble today as well when I wanted to install the google-installer on my MX5 with the lateast stable Flyme 5 firmware

Solved it by restoring from the Flyme Cloud… but tried stuff before.

You can install what’s possible using the google-installer, and the get google play store and play store framework from apkmirror.

For my MX5, I used the following:

My wild guess, is that the google-installer app needs an update, what might take place any time soon.

Head over the apkmirror and try to find the right frameworks for your phone. Try to restore from the flyme cloud, if you can. Or just wait until the google installer is fixed.

If this doesn’t help you, then please read the Q&A guide, and report back with more information.

Thanks! Somehow I managed to install. However, a thorough update does not harm the google installer. Do not install google store. Troubles are also in the Hungarian language, where English where the Hungarian menu. The new version Flyme only in English, I will not be updated.

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