[Tutorial] Make Google Apps as System Apps

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any damage done to your phone/software. Please proceed with caution.

I will show you my recent thing that resolved couple of problems releated to the Google Services Framework. One thing that wasn’t working for me was the Gmail app push notification for new e-mails. App had to be opened to be synced again for new mail which was agitating.

This was solved by making EVERY single Google App I had installed as a System App, that will be always there even if you revert phone to original state via factory reset.

So, here it is:

First - Root your phone. Go to Settings, Accounts, My Flyme, setup account if you don’t have, then click on your nickname, scroll down and tap “System Priviledges” to open them. It will root the phone then reboot it automatically. If not do it manually.

Use Google Installer from Q&A to install essentials such as Framework and Google Play Store.

Next let it update via Store every single app you have just installed. When it will update, make sure you have following apps:
Android System Webview
Google Account Manager
Google Bookmarks Sync
Google Calendar Sync
Google Contacts Sync
Google Play Services
Google Services Framework
Google Play Store

(OPTIONAL) Google News & Weather
(OPTIONAL) Youtube
(OPTIONAL - RECOMENDED) Google Clock (for nifty clock widget)

If you don’t have some of them - just download them from Play Store :)

Now, download app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.j4velin.systemappmover&hl=en

Open it and then tap one Google App at the time. When you tap, popup will show, asking you if you want to convert app to system app. Click OK, and program will freeze for few seconds, so don’t do anything. After that next popup will prompt you to reboot phone. DON’T DO IT and click cancel then repeat process with every app I have listed above.

After one last Google App conversion, when program asks you to reboot, click OK and let it reboot phone. You will be greeted by Meizu logo, then Flyme Logo, then if you did all right, you will be greeted with “Preparing Apps” screen with progress. There should be around 16 apps in total to cache and prepare but that may vary. Then Flyme will prepare all apps to launch. If all is done and phone will be rebooted it may slowly load things at first, but then all will work just fine.

Some Google Apps proved to be non functional after making them system apps, such as Google Maps or Google Keyboard so do not convert anything else besides list above.

@Alabeo Well does it work with Flyme Os 5 ?

I had converted my google apps successfully.
But when I launch the play store and the setup begins the setup freezes on “checking…” .
I converted the same apps as listet. I’m running FlyMeOS version 5 BETA (unofficial version) on the meizu m2 note.

Thanks in advance for the answers. :D

Meizu MX4 Pro

@CuberTuber first completely setup your Google account and wait for syncing. Then restart your phone and after all you can begin to move the Apps.

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