Google Clock crash when choosing tone for Alarm

Hey, I got a problem with Google Clock app. When I try to choose alarm tone, app crashes, when using Timer Ringtone, app works normally and doesn’t crash. Any solutions?


@Alabeo hey, please head to the Q&A guideline and fill in the missing information.

There is so much more information needed to help you :). Start with what you did to the phone,… list the firmware… state if it ever worked… and so on.

Well, first of all phone is rooted and Google Clock is installed as system app. That doesn’t matter since before that it wasn’t and it did crash too. Also I have Flyme 4.5.4A. Screenshot: ::: 0_1451403994171_S51229-160959.jpg :::

See the chinese letters next to the Bell? D37-somethingsomething? When I tap that, it crashes.

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@Alabeo I don’t know about the D37-something.

Why did you root the phone. What did you do with it, after you rooted the phone.

Recently I have installed Google services including Google Framework and so on as system apps so they have full system priviledges. Before that they were not as system apps, and clock still crashed. After intalling as system app it did not change still however many of my problems went away after doing google services system apps. I have not done anything else to the phone at all.

This is only problem I have so far with phone. This app crashing. I dislike original Flyme clock since it does not have widget. I am also using Apex Launcher but returning to Flyme Home Screen does nothing and app still crashes when tapping on the thing to change alarm clock tone.

D37-something is a chinese name for the ringtone that clock has choosen when I’ve installed it.

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@Alabeo Did you install the google apps using the google installer?

If not download the google installer from the “App Store”, and try to repair your google apps from there.

Could be that a framework is missing, or so.

I’ve just said that I have every single required google framework thing in place. I did use Google Installer. Then everything updated via PlayStore to latest version.

Try to freeze the clock Flyme app.

Let me get back to you in a moment then.

@EDIT: I need to be donator in order to freeze apps. Any other ideas?

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@Alabeo try to download it from the App Store, maybe it’s there for free.

Frozen it, still crashes.

Google Clock: - this crashes when trying to change alarm clock tone.
To freeze Flyme Clock: App Freezer.

That’s like only issue I have guys, I’d like to change the Alarm Clock Tone. :C

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