Flyme OS test firmware (MX4)

Status Bar

  • Fix: Open to move data in real-time speed display problems instantly abnormal.
  • Optimization: Update headphone icon.


  • Even now half black wallpaper problem when switching screen anyway: Repair.


  • FIX: The Enterprise contact is added as a contact, details of the interface and editing interface to display inconsistencies Companies.
  • Repair: insert card appears as Alibaba Ali communication problems.


  • Optimization: Optimization of multiple choice list of the main interface experience, solve problems check Caton conversation too much time, to reduce the top time animation Caton.
  • Optimization: Optimization of the main interface batch marked as read when Caton problem.
  • Fix: Click on the success of the order information in 12306 ticket schedule reminders, jump date year incorrect questions.


  • Video comments: Add comment feature, support for the comments point Like.
  • Video Point praise: support for the favorite video spot Like.
  • Update Reminder: increased latest video content push function (via switch off).
  • Optimization: change the page structure, the page switching smoother animation.
  • Optimization: Change all network-related tips.
  • Activities: Increase the follow-up support Sweepstakes.


  • Optimization: handwriting input method engine upgrade, enhance the recognition rate.

Documents Management

  • FIX: part of the installation package icon displayed incorrectly questions.
  • FIX: Cloud upload music and video files disk failure problems.

Topic landscaping

  • Optimization: Expand button text response range.
  • Fix: Download Manager contents can not be deleted.



Hi when I try to install google installer the application show me a error message.

Any other have the same problem?

Any suggestions?


Multi language? Italian?

@Adrian-plaza Install the Google installer būt older version 1.4.4. When install Google play store 6.0.5, restart phone and when connect to Play store

@Dzeikas thank for your help work really fine.

@astikv is only chinese and english.

@astikv Only four languages and no Italian.
Three Chinese and a US language.

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@NoVaZ92 yes, if you are on the test firmware already.

So it depends if you rooted and manipulated your phone + previously were on the test firmware.

Meizu MX4

Yes I’m in the beta but the updater told me that my version is the last …

So I need to be in root ?

Meizu MX4

Have got the same problem, I’m rooted :disappointed:


You have to update + clear data if you get no OTA. The clear data is needed so that your phone is successfully unrooted.

You dont need to clear data… Just flash again and not root your phone… Works for me to get OTA


@orangejuls that’s not right!
If the phone was rooted it’s critical and needed to clear data.

On a rooted phone update+clear data.

Meizu Pro 6

@Ultrametric said:

@orangejuls that’s not right!
If the phone was rooted it’s critical and needed to clear data.

On a rooted phone update+clear data.

No. If you are flashing the same firmware in order to unroot then you definitely don’t need to clear data.

You just need to remove any modifications to the installed firmware that you may have done while being rooted.

Then you can receive and install an OTA update without risking problems.

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