Flyme OS test firmware (Pro 5)

Lock screen

  • Fix: install third-party lock screen lock screen can skip the question.
  • Fix: Click to enter the unlock code, even now last a password no problem clicking effect.

Status Bar

  • Fix: Open to move data in real-time speed display problems instantly abnormal.
  • Optimization: Update headphone icon.


  • New: New Growth Press the volume keys to answer the call function.
  • FIX: The Enterprise contact is added as a contact, details of the interface and editing interface to display inconsistencies Companies.
  • Repair: insert card appears as Alibaba Ali communication problems.


  • Optimization: Optimization of multiple choice list of the main interface experience, solve problems check Caton conversation too much time, to reduce the top time animation Caton.
  • Optimization: Optimization of the main interface batch marked as read when Caton problem.
  • Fix: Click on the success of the order information in 12306 ticket schedule reminders, jump date year incorrect questions.


  • Cloud Acceleration: New cloud acceleration, compression province flow speed browsing, save up to 80% of the traffic.
  • Fiction card: Add fiction cards, various wangwen updated in real time, to see them all.
  • Hot words card: Add hot word cards, easy to grasp the real-time dynamic news.
  • Optimization: Optimization about interface switching animation, use more smoothly.
  • Optimization: Redraw multi-window view animation, jumps more freedom.


  • Video comments: Add comment feature, support for the comments point Like.
  • Video Point praise: support for the favorite video spot Like.
  • Update Reminder: increased latest video content push function (via switch off).
  • Optimization: change the page structure, the page switching smoother animation.
  • Optimization: Change all network-related tips.
  • Activities: Increase the follow-up support Sweepstakes.


  • Optimization: handwriting input method engine upgrade, enhance the recognition rate.
  • FIX: “Rong Yi sinks” in a search, the problem can not be called normal input method system.

Documents Management

  • FIX: part of the installation package icon displayed incorrectly questions.
  • FIX: Cloud upload music and video files disk failure problems.

Topic landscaping

  • Optimization: Expand button text response range.
  • Optimization: Optimization Topic details page bottom button animation.
  • Fix: Download Manager contents can not be deleted.
  • FIX: micro-channel sharing themes / font to micro-letter friends, click on the “return of third-party tools,” you can not jump back to the theme of landscaping issues.


  • Optimization: Increase the error prompt for the enterprise Wi-Fi authentication type.

User Center

  • Optimization: User Center Home new revision.
  • Optimization: Optimization modify the location, the search municipalities experience.
  • Fix: initial login account after adding a new delivery address, enter the (district / county) List region, the problem of incomplete data loading.
  • FIX: integral recording could not be loaded question.



Meizu Pro 5

Did try to install it several times, but device information still shows 4.5.4A…

I did try to upgrade directly but selecting the from the phone explorer … Udating passed (progress bar & application organization)… but still 4.5.4
Also i launched the upgrade by booting in recovery mode and copying update file in dedicated partition (the recovery one that shows up in Windows) but exactly the same

So question is : did the update modifiying the build number ?

Meizu Pro 5

Did it !! updated to first …

A bug that appears since is that I can’t see any battery statistics like in the images below:

I must specify that all flashes were without full wipe.

Anyway, on any firmware I have problems with my signal. Is dropping. I know it’s 100% software and not hardware because of this behaviour the phone had during my 3 months of experience:
-it’s set to vibrate when after answering call, and sometimes there’s a delay (not instant vibration) that my length 5-6 seconds <-- which is alot! And then I instantly know that it needs a restart.
-yes, a restart always fix the dropping signal; again, not a hardware problem
-my network 3G band coincides 100% with one of many that the phone has so again, not a hardware problem
-not restarting for a few days, the problem tend to reappear.
-the caller is not hearing me for a few seconds, then it’s re-established but after a few repetitions of this behaviour, it can’t be re-established and becomes “radio silent”; so I’ll have to end call. Also, I hear the caller with interruptions and with a lower quality while he can’t hear me at all.
-phone is not heating up or other signs that would make me think of hardware…
-my signal lines are not dropping when this happens. I often take the phone from my ear to see check the screen and I don’t see signal dropping.
So when I (start) to get the delay between accepting call on screen and the vibration (that confirms the link between us), I know that I’ll have to restart the device ASAP in order to avoid signal drop.

Again, I must specify that I am not using the internal call recording option, but a 3rd party app that’s called “Call Recorder” (skvalex) which is set to record all calls and also I’m using as a phone/contact/messaging a 3rd party app that integrates all three features but I don’t think that these two apps are creating that lag… or even interfere with network signal.

Please excuse my non-native English language : -)
A feedback would be more than welcome!

Meizu Pro 5

@fulgeru this is not related to firmware as mine is working 100% fine. Maybe you could reflash and wipe all data …

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