Flyme OS stable (Pro 5)

Notice board

  • Optimization: update notification bar GPS Alert icon.
  • Optimization: Optimize brightness adjustment, under the bright glare solve the problem of slow screen.
  • Fix: Even now click on the small triangle Wi-Fi switch, the list shows a very slow problem.
  • Fixed: notification bar scan for Bluetooth, you can not scan for Bluetooth problems in settings.


  • Optimization: support Sogou input method icon is displayed.


  • Call mute: When you press the volume key to increase call mute function.
  • New: contact details page Support Click picture for a larger view.
  • Added: Contact Details page to add “blacklist removal” feature.
  • Optimization: support call recording playback headset wire, double-click to play the next song, a song playing on the three strikes.
  • Optimization: enabled by default “intelligent recognition unknown number” switch.
  • Optimization: missed call notification highest priority adjustment to the default.
  • Optimization: call log “Reject” and “ringing sound N” state standard red display.
  • Fix: incoming calls in the pocket will inadvertently issue.
  • FIX: After using QQ synchronization assistant synchronization call records, click on the call history list avatar will flash back problems.


  • SMS Card: Smart SMS upgrade automatically extract key information SMS notification class generates beautiful clear “message card”.
  • Delete SMS: SMS Notifications bar increases the delete button.
  • Optimization: “customer service assistant” account increased bottom bar menu.
  • Optimization: Adjustment timed SMS bomb box selection screen position, increase the Cancel button.
  • Optimization: SMS conversation right corner to increase the contact details of the entry buttons page.
  • Optimization: Adjust SMS settings, default on “delivery reports” switch and “Show MMS theme” switch.
  • Adjustment: unread information is not top, the number of unread messages is displayed on the label.
  • Fix: Long press information session content sporadic problems unresponsive.
  • FIX: Part number does not match the bottom bar menu problem.
  • Fix: Even now this code does not match, there is no verification code floating notification function problems Copy.

Documents Management

  • Capacity View: Add Click Home phone storage area, you can quickly jump to store information page.
  • Optimization: storage disc hide locked area, the lock area resident show in my collection.
  • Optimization: Optimization sorted by file type, collation document class file.
  • Optimization: presentation and icons increase class file compression package file name suffixes.
  • Optimization: Classification sorted by name, the right to increase the alphabetical index tab.
  • FIX: more than 1T devices connected via OTG, the storage space to display only integers problem.
  • FIX: Cloud upload music and video files disk failure problems.
  • FIX: unzip rar archive that contains multiple files, the progress bar disappears problem.

Set up

  • Power management: new power consumption “History Details” to support different time periods and view the status of the specific electricity usage.
  • Desktop Search: auxiliary functions increase “Desktop Search” entrance, free to control whether to display the search term in the hot weather widget.
  • Optimization: filtration-related options under lock screen notification guest mode.
  • Optimization: Set split-screen mode.

Mobile butler

  • Since the launch of Management: “cut off from each other to start the application” feature upgrades, entrance moved “since the launch of management” - “mutual start” wake each other freely set the application permissions to view the applications intuitive wake each other records, to eliminate the family bucket Applications.
  • Desktop shortcut: Rights Management Add “desktop shortcut” management function, to avoid compulsory third-party applications to generate a desktop shortcut.


  • Optimization: Upgrade input lexicon.
  • Optimization: Pinyin full keyboard mode, slide the keyboard lowercase letters become uppercase.

Customer feedback

  • New: Official FAQ display different labels.
  • New: Feedback recording function Drafts.
  • Added: Configuration FAQ third party APP.
  • New: The feedback record delete function.
  • New: The feedback record more display.
  • New: Quick feedback module proposal.
  • Optimization: The feedback record classification and sorting.


  • Added: Mirrors photographed sharing interface increases after deleting the picture function.
  • Optimization: “mirror” photographed by default will not be mirrored.
  • Optimization: Change the compass correction page button Copywriter.


  • Added: Increase the thousands separator.
  • Optimization: Optimization calculation results are displayed in a standard and scientific page, after the calculation is finished at the top of the results display formula.
  • Optimization: adjust the input box text font display.


  • Repair: Desktop always show IME keyboard problems.

User Center

  • Optimization: User Center Home new revision.
  • Optimization: Optimization modify the location, the search municipalities experience.
  • Optimization: In the home page click integration level can jump to the integration level Description Page.
  • Fix: initial login account after adding a new delivery address, enter the (district / county) List region, the problem of incomplete data loading.
  • FIX: integral recording could not be loaded question.
  • FIX: Log process can still enter the password problem.


  • Optimization: theme repair certain tasks display card in question is stretched.


  • NEW: Weather plug-in support by automatic color wallpaper color, increased color icon.
  • Added: living index Click to see more features added.
  • Optimization: Modify weather update frequency, when the main weather data older than the widget, when updating the master Weather.
  • Optimization: Optimization weather share, generate photo Hide share button and the title bar at the top of the tail to “Meizu weather”.


  • Optimization: Redesign player interface, directly display the download button.
  • Optimization: Optimization of preload to take color features that make the page display smoother, more layered.
  • Optimization: Increase the player interface is included in the list of songs click effect, suggesting more intuitive.
  • Optimization: interface adapter each scroll bar margins, overall use of more beautiful, comfortable.


  • Optimization: In Wi-Fi passwords in plain text box increase button.
  • Optimization: solve some of the Wi-Fi open failure problems.



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Was the notification issue addressed?

Only Chinese and English language.Not Multi-language.Bad,realy bad.

The vault is not available anymore after the update.

@rey @ranshin @zotyahun

In order to force your language you can use the app named MoreLangs :

-This app needs root to work but it works well ( i’ve tested it only in order to force french language)
-It will only work if the required localize ressources files are included in the apps ressources… So you cannot expect a fully translated interface.

-I don’t know if it can cause bug or something like that so use it at your own risk.

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File Explorer - My favorites - Vault

Hello. I speak spanish but the new firwamre have not supported spanish lenguage. I speak with Meizu and the oficial answer is

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for writing to us.
We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused.
Sorry to inform you that after Flyme OS, all Chinese firmware of Pro 5 in the future won’t support Spanish language.
This only restricts to the Chinese version firmware, but available in the international version in order to protect the legal rights of the international customers and prevent the illegal selling.
Attention: The A/U/C Flyme firmware are Chinese version, the I version is the international version, they are not match and compatible, thus you can’t change the firmware from A/U/C version to I version.
In order to restore the Spanish language, you could kindly downgrade to the Flyme OS of Pro 5.
Please click here to download: .
Before downgrading, please backup your data and follow the instructions as below:

  1. Download the Flyme OS to your computer and then copy to your phone or download to the phone directly.
  2. Hold Power button with volume up for a while—>Enter into the recovery mode.
  3. Downgrade to Flyme OS . (please also click clear data!!!)
    Please remember to backup your data and choose clear data when downgrading.

Apologies again for the inconvenience we brought to you.
Is it OK?
Have a nice day.

Best Regards


MEIZU Customer Service Representative

Official Website:

Social Media:


@trevipt The illegal selling is stupid. What’s so illegal about it.

@trevipt I don’t understand why they talk about protect legal rights and prevent illegal selling, what legal rights and what illegal selling ?
I think they simply want to force non-chinese speaker to buy the international version because it is better for their international expansion in terms of statistics, numbers of sells and things like that. It is only a problem of money i mean.

However there is a problem : if i’m french or spanish and i live in china ? i cant buy a meizu phone because chinese meizu phones dont have thoose languages.

Meizu is adopting the worse strategy i think.


@izi_lau Oh yes… and let’s say you can’t buy a Meizu.

Then you very likely will buy a Xiaomi. And when you have it tell everyone you know about it, so spread the word about how nice/awful Xiaomi might be.

Simply said it works more against Meizu, as it does help. But well we aren’t in the marketing or brand-development section of Flyme, so little to we know, less do we have to say.

Hey fellas, hopefully you can answer some questions I have as a new meizu pro5 owner.

  1. Can you please recommend a flyme5 version that is very stable and useable?

  2. the minute i saw a video on the new upgrade i fell in love with it. Do you recommend playing with manual updating? Or should I wait until the OTA update officially arrives?

  3. Is there a way to bsckup my actual settings and rerun them with the flyme5?

  4. Is there an estimate for when the 5 is going to be officialy released?

  5. If i install the new version, is it possible to have everything in english and read other languages? (I understand there is an issue now with languages for the actual OS…)
    But will apps and others still be readable if they have a different language?

  6. Are there any warnings or major issues/danger that might occure for none official update?

All in all i am very interested in upgrading to 5… But I just got this device so i am bit afraid to damage warranty or the device itself.

Thank you in advance, its not that i havent read the QA but i am just confused still.

im sure your answers will help others as well


  1. If you have a chinese pro 5 (M576) , this version is good.

  2. You can manual update without wipe/clean if you did not rooted/manipulateed system files.
    2bis. I recomend you to never dirty update if you have rooted your phone and manipulated system files/settings.

  3. I dont know for settings but you can backup data like contact, calendar, wifi ,… on you flyme acount. For apps you can use titanium backup wich needs root access.

  4. Official final flyme 5 should be out in the end of the first quarter of 2016 i think.

  5. Use the app names “Morelangs” (available on the playstore) and set your language, it will force the language selected for all of your apps. You will not get a fully localized interface.

  6. The best way to avoid issue with beta (unofficial) or even stable update is:

  • Use the update file that strictly correspond to your phone model.
    -Wipe before update.
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Thamk you so much for your answers!
Q: how do i know if I have a chinese one? I didnt buy it from online sources but from a physical official exclusive retailer shop . i doubt it is

If its not as you said, is this version still good for my phone?

Q: my phone is brand new. Never tried to play with root or to install anything. Do i still need go wipe/boot or anything like that? Or should I just download move to the folder and install as in the guide (sounds easy)

This seems like waiting for official OTA is going to be long, heh. As i said, i’m excited about this update…

Thanks again!

You can read the phone model number on the phone box : M576 (chinese), M576H (international), M576U(China Unicom).

If you live outside of china and you bought an international version at an official retailer: You have a real warranty, but you will get officialy compatible updates later (months) than chinese users.

I dont recommend to cross flash firmwares (flash “A” firmware on “I” device or flash “I” firmware on “A” device) but it it my own opinion.

Check what phone model/version you have, then you will know what firmware type you can flash on it.

If you have a international Pro 5 i advice you to wait until the official international flyme 5 release.

M576H is what I have it seems…
So no flyme5 for me yet :(?
Manual not recommended?

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