Firmware Corrupt

I just bought my meizu m2 note last week and i have successfully updated it via OTA for update. Then i rooted my phone and open priviledges. So for the new.update it keeps saying "firmware corrupt ". I tried manually flashing and OTA but neither the two works. Btw I downloaded the firmware on the official site I dont know what went wrong. I tried several things like clearing the data and even factory resetting but still i got the same problem. Please help me.


Hello, where did you get your phone from?

Do you have the M571H, international Meizu M2 note. The model is written on the back of your box, please have a look.


@kevincaling then downlaod it again and be careful on what you download.

Download the International firmware.
Maybe try this link. And be sure that the is called! And not update(1).zip or similar


@Ultrametric but thats the one i have downloaded sir.

@Ultrametric does it matter if im rooted or not? Ok after i download it Sorry if i have so many questions. Im new to this.


@kevincaling F.A.Q.

Link is in my signature.

If your phone is rooted, you simply have to clear data when you update, that’s all.
But are you sure that you have the international phone. Double check your box.

If you can’t install the international firmware, you may just have the Chinese Model.

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