Tutorial: If you have problems with PLAY STORE after the update of flyme 5

First eliminate your current google account, second go to apps manager/all apps and find Google play store - clear data and cache, force stop(if it’s possible), Google play services - clear cache,clear cache,force stop(if it’s possible), google account manager- clear data ,cache, force stop(if it’s possible). After that restart your phone, enter in your google account for the first time will load little bit slowly. If after logging into your Google account the Play Store boot loop, restart the phone one more time and all will be ok.
Sorry for my bad english (:

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this is what worked for me man

Follow these steps to install Google Apps and start syncing with your Google account:
1-Open the App Store
2-Search for “Google Installer” (DO NOT INSTALL THE LATEST VERSION)
3-Scroll down to see "View History"
4-Install version 1.4.4
5-Open Play Store and wait for the notification to Update Google Play Services
6-Update Google Play Services
And you’re done!

*If you have installed the latest version of the Google Installer from the App Store,
simply run Google Installer and select “Uninstall”.
then follow the steps above and select “Downgrade” for step 4


@vee0901 on Flyme 5 the new Google Installer works just fine. The how-to is in the F.A.Q. since ages.

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@Rey got it. but for me, in my case, using the beta when it first came out, the newest version of the Google Installer from the App Store gave me problems. Uninstalling and using the Google
installer v.1.4.4 is what solved the Play Store errors I encountered. I was thinking it might help @vaan0426 with his similar situation.

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