multilanguage rom for m2

Hi there guys - new to forum and new to meizu, so if my question is newbe or stupid pls forgive me

I just bought new m2 for my wife and noticed there is no polish language (ther is english, spanish, german, portugise and 3 ver of chinese)
Any posibility to add polish language? pls help


@r3mu5 Hello,

Please read the Q&A guide, there is a lot of information that we would need to help you, missing.

What firmware are you talking about?


@r3mu5 try to transform your device into the International Version and then install the International firmware. The International one has all langauges there are to have for Flyme, including “Polski”.

Before you do any of this, grab a cup of coffee, read everything very very carefully, and ask whenever you have a question.

Ask if you have any questions.

Transform Guide, use Method 1, to change the ID of your device:


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