Upgrading a TCCM phone to Flyme5
Meizu MX5

TCCM Phones - Flyme 5 upgrade
Credits @Pikuła-Piotr

!!! By doing this , you may lose your warranty !!!

  • 1 Download the required files and copy it to your phone (in root folder) :
    ** SHID Pay attention! You need to extract the .sh file and copy it to your phone
    ** SUPER SU
    ** Terminal emulator
  • 2 You need to grant ROOT permisions Settings -> Accounts -> My flyme -> “your account” -> System privileges (OPEN)
  • 3 Install SUPER SU then reboot.
  • 4 Install Terminal Emulator and grant SuperSU permissions
  • 5 Open Terminal Emulator and type the following :
    su (the SuperSU will request access , grant it)
    sh /sdcard/chid.sh
  • 6 The phone will now restart with it’s ID changed . Now you can download ANY flyme 5 A versions and start Upgrading :)
    Best regards !
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Is it working? And can I back to TCCM version then?

About back to tccm and dont have any idea and Remember i can lost yor warranty.
You do This at your risk.
And This not my method im only See This on YouTube and past link to the forum.
Best regards

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you are making a copy of the file, before you manipulate it.

So in theory: you can just copy the backup over your “edited” version. That should make your phone into a TCCM phone.

All it needs is a

 # mv /sdcard/proinfo.img /dev/block/mmcblk0p3
that should revert it. or using the dd-command.

dd if=/sdcard/proinfo.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p3

But didn’t try it, so only do it if you know a bit about Linux and the Shell!

And it’s very unlikely that TCCM will ever find it out, unless they are looking for exactly this manipulation.

Disclaimer: Don’t try this out, yet! And if you do, it’s all on your own risk! You are the one making the changes, and so YOU are the one to blame.

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@Ultrametric :( i dont know about linux and shell. Also I do not know how to backup this file

Meizu MX5

Regarding to warranty . I dont think that anyone bought the phone directly from TCCM . So , if you’re returning the device to warranty , nothing will be wrong with it ! The terminal isnt rooted anymore , so basicly it’s a stock Meizu MX5 with Flyme 5.x.x.x A version . If there’s a software problem , flashing a new firmware will fix it probably , crashing your screen will lose your warranty , so nothing can go wrong :) If something happens to your speaker for example , i dont think that your authorized service will check if it’s a TCCM phone or not anyore , they’ll just check the hardware problem and replace the speaker if it’s broken . That’s my opinion , dont follow it :)

@Ultrametric The ID changing procedure , already creates that proinfo.img , which was missing before . This means anything ?

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@phluid01 that’s the backup, file. created by the script.

All the script chid.sh does is:

dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p3 of=/sdcard/proinfo.img
echo -e '\x35' | dd of=/dev/block/mmcblk0 bs=1 seek=13107717 count=1

It consists of 4 lines.

  1. tells the system in what shell the following commands have to be executed
  2. makes a copy of /dev/… to /sdcard/…
  3. applies the id changes to /dev/…
  4. reboots the device

The chid.sh shell-script, makes a backup of it called proinfo.img and stores it in the folder /sdcard/
And the few lines I put in here would revert his changes, though it should be tested first.

It’s just a few lines in the shell, and does no harm, yet it should be tested before inexperienced members try it out.

Disclaimer: Don’t try this out, yet! And if you do, it’s all on your own risk! You are the one making the changes, and so YOU are the one to blame.

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