phone won't notify when getting a whatsapp message

my whatsapp is not notifying me about getting a whatsapp message- not by a sound, vibration, light- nothing. only when i enter the app itself it notifies me about the messages with a sound. what can i do to get notifications in real time when i get a message? thanks for your help!

you cant notify due to security center setting. security center is turn off all application within 15 minutes than you couldnt notification from whatsapp , viber etc. i am using meizu pro 5. due to luck of notification i deleted security center by ‘‘system app remover (root)’’ application. mobile is in order now. all notification cames on time but i dont know what will happen at future.

…or you can add applications to be kept “running” while idle like I did and also give them root and autolaunch priviledges to ensure they always work. This worked for Messegner so it will work for Whatsapp. Deleting Security Center is bad idea.

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I have the same problem. I allowed it in security, gave permisions like auto lunch etc. And still not working. Any idea what to do? I have M2, Only fb messenger is ok but I need gmail and whatsapp

I was really p… off about it. Now I have 4.5.4I and everything seems to be ok.

I had the same problems, I would hardly get Messenger or Whatsapp messages on time. Then I tried that “A to I version” guide and now I have International version, where everything works perfectly, no killing of apps, no late messages - everything seems to be ok. So if you have an A version, consider doing this as well :)

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