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So yeah, pay attention to the 1st sentence.
Is this a flat out lie or could there be something in it?..

Edit: As far as I am aware this is a Chinese model. How can I check for sure?

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The way I understand it, it’s not a completely locked bootloader.

If it was 100% locked, you could not root the phone. The bootloader is locked in a way that only authenticated stuff can be flashed on it.
If you know the authentication key, you can flash anything on a Meizu.

So when people claim, “the boot-loader is locked”, they are right. It’s just not clear in what way the boot-loader is locked.

But that’s just my opinion and believe, someone else may know better.

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@Ultrametric Thanks. Got my hopes up for a second when I saw the bootloader bit.

I’m not exactly the most technically minded when it comes to the intricacies of software so going to ask a probably silly question: While holding power+down I saw at the bottom of the screen some text saying “=> fastboot mode (locked, rooted)”. Does that mean the bootloader or something else?



I am pretty much a noob when it comes to custom roms and flashing. So this is just superficial knowledge.

But from that mode, you could flash stuff with SP Flash tools and similar, if it wasn’t locked.
Sometimes Meizu manipulates the used MTK SoC’s so that MTK Droid Tool, can’t identify the SoC.

When you flash something on a locked Meizu, depending of what you do, you might hard brick it.
SP Flash tool should just throw Errors, on a locked phone.

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@Ultrametric Thanks for taking the time to explain. I really am hopless😁

Hopefully someday soon, as with the MX4 and MX4 Pro, we can get our custom ROM on!

Thanks again.

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