M2 Screen problem

so i recently bought this about a week ago to be exact and this what happened! it has this circle smudge thingey on the screen though when i open the screen it still neat and flawless only when the display is shut off what happened here guys help me please0_1451302043419_10410800_10201308945242323_203222086437424502_n.jpg :(0_1451302038418_1937203_10201308945882339_7996400998887995109_n.jpg0_1451302200967_1937203_10201308945882339_7996400998887995109_n.jpg

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Well don’t know. Simple and stupid question; You have no screen protector on it? Guess that the glass and the lcd are not correctly glued. You can not solve it yourself, unless you buy a complete replacement kit.

But first:
You should contact your reseller and hope that you can have a replacement. Where and when did you buy it?

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@Kokkie well in an online store LAZADA is its name

Never heard off, but please contact them and see if they can help you.

@Kokkie i have already contacted them my only grief is that i maybe questioned what i did with my phone and if they have proved that i am the on responsible for making this to my phone they will just send this phone back to me without any solutions :(

Only thing you could have done is leaving your phone in a hot place e.g. near a heater or put a hair dryer on it.
If you did not do that, it is a fault by Meizu, just keep spamming them till you got an answer.

Question: Why did you not notice this on the first day?

@Kokkie actually it wasn’t their in the first day and i havent put a lot of stress nor putting water not putting pressure on it ;(

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