Tilt screan sensor stuck???
Meizu MX5

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Can anybody help me re calibrate the tilt sensor it looks stuck spinning around cars and airplanes to the right corner while playing flight sims or race sims,It is impossible to have the plane stay still or turn to the right,when in other group of games like drivving cars it has the tendency to turn right on its own…

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Don’t know whether you can calibrate it. Maybe there is some option in developer tools in the settings menu. How to unlock these, see FAQ. Otherwise you could try to flash new firmware.

You can try these things, but personally I don’t think these will help. So where did you buy it and when? You should probably contact your reseller.


You could try to calibrate your sensors from the engineering mode, but be careful in there. Think twice before making any changes.

Type the following code in the Dialer to access it.


Please be aware, that what ever YOU perform, it’s also YOU to blame for the outcome. So be careful, and don’t mess up things.

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Meizu MX5

@Mike19641964 You can calibrate the accelerator sensor using Developer option located in Settings ! Go to Settings -> Developer options -> Calibrate acceleration sensor ! :+1:

@phluid01 you are my man! Direct reply somple method accurate info! i did it and iy works swell now. Υhank you so much mate!

@Kokkie thanks but no thanks. .there should be something more simple that!

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