SIM Card Problem

I have a magnificent Meizu M2 Note, the international version. Recently I travelled to another european country from my resident country but I have problem getting service on my m2 note. I rebooted, and tried some other things as well but nothing worked. Any help please?


@PetrosXarchakos Hello, where did you buy the phone from?
Do you have the phone in a case? Specially a metal case? Did you contact your provider, and asked for a new sim-card already?

Hey. What is your resident country? And where did you travel to? Is your SIM-card supported in the European country you are now?

@Ultrametric I bought this phone in Greece. No I don’t use any kind of case and the country I traveled to is Cyprus. This particular sim card is new and has worked on both countries just fine before. So I thought maybe there’s smthn wrong with the phone.

@Kokkie The resident country is Greece and I traveled to Cyprus. Both european countries where this particular sim card worked before with my other phones.



Not every phone supports the same bands/frequencies. So unless your old phone is 100% identical do your new phone, that information is useless :P
There is a lot more to 3G and 4G.

So please check your providers. Get information on what bands/frequencies they operate and check it with the bands/frequencies your phone operates on.

Meizu is not made for the European market (not even the global/ international phone), their phones do not support all important in Europe used 3G and 4G bands/frequencies.

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Actually I did exactly that and I checked using with all the providers in both countries. It should work. When I do a manual search for network providers it recognizes all of them. It just doesn’t register on any network, not even manually.


@PetrosXarchakos WillMyPhoneWork is a good thing to start with, but doesn’t have all the information. It’s better if you compare it yourself.

Then it’s most likely your sim card, but no guarantee.

You can try stuff. Update your Flyme OS firmware and clear data when you do, to get a fresh and clean system.
Turn off the phone take the sim card out and start it up again.
That’s just something you can try, that might work.

Try to spend rubber on the sim card to remove rust, but put the chip switched off and try what @Ultrametric says.

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Thank you all for the help and the advice. I’ll try some stuff and let you know!

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