Meizu M2 note phone lock

Hello, put my phone in pin lock, because my son like take phone and take pictures, so i change to pin lock. On night i always enabling super power saver and in morning son what take a pictures and some how lock phone. i write my flyme password, but he cant connect without wifi or internet. Try in flyme cloud, but he dint see my phone so i cant unlock again. try vol up + power, but not help, after optimizing it come back to lock. Our local services cant help too :( so can somebody help. buy 4 month ago.0_1451227049578_2015-12-27 18.09.32.jpg


You could sent Meizu a mail with a proof of buying and they might help you.

But before that, did you try to unlock the phone while it’s on? The screenshot you show is from Recover.

@Ultrametric how can be from recover? screen is always the same, he is in power saving mode, its black screen. i will try write to meizu support.


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write an Email to
it’s the Meizu Customer Support (Global)

@Ultrametric said:

hat forum is an abandoned place


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