Supports Quick Charge 2.0 for fast charging?

Or is it a unique protocol of charging for Meizu devices?



@tzadka I am very sure that Meizu will not pay money to Qualcomm for Quick Charge.

It either is a 1:1 copy with a different name, or something completely different. I’ve the MX5 what also comes with a 18W charger, so Quick Charge 2.0 charger… but it’s not branded as that.
Never used the stock Meizu charger… but only a Aukey Quick Charger 2.0 what works like a charm.

I tried my Pro 5 on a Quick Charge 2.0 charger with a voltage meter and from what I saw it does not support quick charge. It just charges at 4.95v at about 1.3A. Trying the same thing with the charger included by Meizu enables the phone to charge at 9v at around 1.4A. So fast charging works only with the charger included by Meizu

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@Anice29 I know that MTK SoC’s don’t charge at full speed when you measure it.

It could be that “you measuring it”, interfered with the mCharge thing. Just want to bring it up.
And Also the Charge cycle is divided usually into fast charging from 0% to 80% and slow from 80% to 100%, in general. Meizu may do it different.

Did you compare the charging times, with each other. And did you use a 18W or 24W charger?

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@Ultrametric Well I do agree for the MTK devices but the Pro 5 uses Samsung’s Exynos processor and from what I have read before, the USB type C port on the Pro 5 uses a new technology for fast charging and has a special chip for fast charging and fast data transfer. I didn’t compare charging time and all the tests were done below 80% since thats where the fast charging kicks in for all phones. I used a Tronsmart charger with 4 ports at 5v, 2A and 1 Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 port which has variable voltage at 5v , 2A, 9V 2A and 12V 1.5A. Charging on the Meizu charger was much faster than the Qualcomm one. It seems that it’s a different technology.


@Anice29 My personal theory is that the Meizu mCharge is something based on the MTK Pump Express Plus.


But I don’t know if they did apply something like this, or similar for the Pro 5.

@Ultrametric That’s a possibility since Meizu uses MTK chips if not Samsung’s Exynos chips. So it’s probably the reason why it is not compatible with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge.


And I just tested if the Mx5 is able to charge fast from a 18W Aukey Qualcomm certif. quick charger 2.0.

And it’s not. Charged from 2% to 24% in about 25 minutes, that’s only ~1% a minute

Hi, i´m interested in this thread because I was going to buy one charger from Auckley with Qualcomm fast charge 2.0, and after reading this I´m not. I Have to buy another charger because the stock charger of my PRO 5 is plugged near my bed and I need another one for my workplace just in case. (nevertheless i love the battery life of my new device! lol)

What charger should I buy instead as a second charger? maybe I can use a standard 2.0A charger with an USB C adapter even loosing the fast charge, this isn´t harmful for my device is it? or do you know a generic charger taht works with meizu fast charge.

Thank you for the info


@petoniano If you want fast charging you have to either order one from Aliexpress.

Chinese fast charger from Aliexpress; Meizu fast charger 12V / 2A

or get the EU fast charger from Italy: EU fast charger MX5 Pro 5

And so far I have not found a generic fast charger that works with Meizu mCharge.

Update: UP 1220 and UP 1220E that’s what you want. The first one is the Chinese and the 2nd one is the European version of it. Be sure you get one of those.

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Thank you very much @Ultrametric . Thats what i´m looking for.

I think i´m going to buy one with the european plug, so I don´t need any adapter.

I´ve found this one too:,searchweb201644_1_10001_10002_10005_301_10006_10003_10013_10004_62,searchweb201560_8,searchweb1451318400_6150,searchweb1451318411_6448&btsid=c5907f69-5f7b-41c0-9bd3-06c79d96de03

Also I´ve read in a Spanish forum that Meizu´s european charger doesn´t support fast charge, but I´m not sure of believing it or not. It doesn´t make much sense ¿if they manufacture an european version why would not be the same?


@petoniano I know that some Meizu MX5 were sold without a fast charger!

At the same time I asked a guy with a global Pro 5, and he has the UP1220E, he did not tell me if the phones charges the 60% in 30 minutes… but said it’s damn fast.

So I am not sure if it really works. I am having the UP1220. And use it with a Skross World to EU adapter.

Click the spoiler for pictures.

::: alt text :::

And this is a picture of the charger the guy god with his Pro 5, the UP 1220E

::: :::

Either you get the UP1220E from Italy what should cost ~20€ with shipping or a bit more.

Or get it from China and invest 10€ more into a good quality US to EU adapter, do not use the cheap ones.

On the other hand if you are from the UK, it’s a different story.

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I had TCCM international version of MX5 and it has 5V2A charger.

@Upoiss is this charger capable of fast charging?


@Upoiss that’s not a fast charger. You need a 20V 2A verified charger.

Would you have the time share a picture of it please?

And If I was you I would ask Meizu to give you the UP1220E.

@Antonin-Srnsky NO!!! It is not, you need 20V and 2A for fast charge.

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