Menu, menu, where are you?

I see no menu button (either Menu or *** vertical sign) in
Titanium Backup !!!
Acrobits Softphone
Groundwire Sofphone
Firefox Browser
Adblock Browser

What can be done about this? Why doesn’t Meizu implement switchable (on/off) softkeys?

For example, without the “menu” button there is no way to properly set up and configure Titanium Backup, or any of the two mentioned softphones, or fully use the mentioned browsers.

@rubiohiguey you can get the menu button back by using xposed with the module “menubegone”. That is the only way i found to get the menu button on titanium backup.
That problem is only on flyme 5 versions.

@rubiohiguey why not enable navigation bar yourself? Edit build.prop … This brings back menu button.

@rubiohiguey You can also access menu by assigning “open menu” option to “slide up” (or any other gesture) for “smart touch”

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