Flyme bootloop

Yesterday my m1 Note has the new Flyme beta to install it. When I did it, autoreboot and then, checking firmware and stop there. it didn’t go on. I turned off my phone and the I turned on. The phone rebooted like it was. I was worried. For my, became like it was before updete was sucessfull
Is the any flyme 5 version which runs correctly in my m1 Note?

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Any Flyme 5 runs on my m1 Note?
Now, I have Flyme
Sorry my english

Wheres the root privileges in the menu? I have installed flyme It runs very well and smoothly. I cant find root privileges for activate it.
Could you tell it to me, please?


@Diegaiso fingerprint and security, but you have to be logged in, into your flyme account.

I saw it 5 minutes later to write in this forum.
I have a new doubt. The rom is in four languages (3 chinese and 1 english american)
How can I change to spanish?
I proved with more locale 2. I followed the steps. I downloaded the app, then I downloaded spanish (españa). The programs says ‘language install successfully’ but settings menu is still in english, although I can see spanish language.
Could you give me a solution, please?
Thanks for all and sorry my english


@Diegaiso You can not change it fully to Spanish. You will have to wait for the final Flyme 5. The Beta only has Chinese + English.

ok. I will wait to final Flyme 5
Thanks for all
See you soon!

When will we have final Flyme 5 version?
Any date??


@Diegaiso before the end of February 2016. Because after that the developers should be working on the, so far left out devices.

But it’s not given that the Chinese firmware will have all the languages. It could be that you will have to wait for the global / international Flyme 5.

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