slow google play download speed

merry Christmas everybody. having this headache a couple of days now. .Ridiculously slow download speed updating frpm Googleplay. .In favt no download,maybe one every two hours and that hidden.Can any body help?

@Mike1964 that’s usually a sign of a bad connection or maybe slow google servers.
everything else works fine? what firmware version are you using?
i recommend unplugging your router and leave it like that for about 5 minutes, it usually fixes my issues.

@SeaMoose thanks for the prompt reply. .give it a try. .can i come back with feedback?


@Mike1964 yes, please come back with feedback :) and questions.

Meizu MX5

@Ultrametric I am using version so no turning of the router did not work…Google play downloads up to 23 or 34 or 65% and then stops,even if I download apps one by one.

Meizu MX5

@Ultrametric I succeeded!!Erased cache…both Google play anf Dowload installer…nowork…Then uninstalled Google play store and activated download from “monkey” sites…so I tried an external source net APK…Then followed on screen instructions yes-no and just moved icon inside my social sites apps box…Workoing like a miracle dowload speeds supersonic!!Thanks a lot all of you!!

@Rey sorry forgot my passwords!

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