Google Play Store doesn't work!

Hi all,

I just got the Pro 5, installed the Google Installer which then installed the google sevices and the play store. The play store opens and I can log in. But when I would like to download some app, I get an error message with some error code.
I tried to reinstall, delete the app/cache data but it didn’t help. I also tried to factory reset the phone twice and reinstalled the gapps using google installer (always from the meizu store btw).

Does anyone know how to avoid the error message?

I use the standard “public version” of the Pro5, bought in China.

Please help, otherwise I need to give it back. I really need the google app store…

Thanks and merry christmas!


@Jan219 which installer you used?
I just added version 2.0.3 to our F.A.Q.:

Also, which firmware you are using?

By the way, try to clear the data of the Play Store App and Services.

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It worked now. Just reinstalled the Installer from your link (which was actually the same version) and restarted the phone.

Thanks a lot!

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