Set up

  • Power management: new power consumption “History Details” to support different time periods and view the status of the specific electricity usage.
  • Desktop Search: auxiliary functions increase “Desktop Search” entrance, free to control whether to display the search term in the hot weather widget.


  • Fix: incoming calls in the pocket will inadvertently issue.

Customer feedback

  • New: Official FAQ display different labels.
  • New: Feedback recording function Drafts.
  • Added: Configuration FAQ third party APP.
  • New: The feedback record delete function.
  • New: The feedback record more display.
  • New: Quick feedback module proposal.
  • Optimization: After the FAQ point Like segment display.
  • Optimization: The feedback record classification and sorting.
  • Optimization: Feedback button centered.
  • Optimization: Feedback prompted Copywriter.
  • Repair: Top of the module classification Withdrawal.
  • FIX: Problems occur repeatedly submit feedback weak network conditions.
  • Fix: search keywords entered again return to the desktop, the problem of the keyboard can not enter.


  • Optimization: Adjustment timed SMS bomb box selection screen position, increase the Cancel button.
  • Adjustment: unread information is not top, the number of unread messages is displayed on the label.


  • Added: Mirrors photographed sharing interface increases after deleting the picture function.
  • Optimization: “mirror” photographed by default will not be mirrored.
  • Optimization: Change the compass correction page button Copywriter.


  • Added: Increase the thousands separator.
  • Optimization: Optimization calculation results are displayed in a standard and scientific page, after the calculation is finished at the top of the results display formula.
  • Optimization: adjust the input box text font display.


  • Repair: Desktop always show IME keyboard problems.

User Center

  • Optimization: In the home page click integration level can jump to the integration level Description Page.
  • FIX: Log process can still enter the password problem.

Notice board

  • FIX: click the Delete button screenshots notification area Notification bar will inadvertently open applications default choice.


  • Optimization: theme repair certain tasks display card in question is stretched.

Status Bar

  • Fixed: Switching topics a charged state, the status bar does not display the charging status of the problem.
  • FIX: alarm notification bar does not default Display Issues “postponed” and “off” button.

Mobile butler

  • FIX: harassment interception, click whitelist white list numbers will enter the details of the problem.
  • FIX: harassment interception black / white list long number is the problem of overlapping and checkboxes.

App Store & Game Center

  • Optimization: Modify Application Center background check for updates mechanism, based on actual usage time to adjust to check for updates.
  • FIX: mobile network already installed application click download again prompts questions.
  • FIX: After the game center to receive gifts button does not refresh problem.
  • Fix: Game Center Forum found channels found no problems landing state.

Topic landscaping

  • Optimization: Reconstruction of the download process, saving download traffic wallpaper.