Application management issue

Applications in background are auto killed by Security - Power - Application Management.
When I try to add or exclude applications from banning lists the green/grey tumbler is going crazy. For example I exclude VPN MASTER from banning list by turning tumbler button to green, but when I scroll down the list and go back it’s turned grey again.
Some applications in the list can get wrong name or wrong icon.
After I clear data from Security application it works well until I try to manually choose applications to ban or run.
Maybe somebody had the same problem?

@rreckonerr AFAIK, the only way is to find the app in the background apps tray, and keep pressing on its icon until it shows ‘locked’

This s the only way to prevent Security Center to kill apps while phone goes to deep sleep.

And this is the same issue like not receiving Viber or Whatsapp notifications (after like ten minutes when display goes black)’, etc.

I.e., nothing about A vs I, 4.5.4.x vs 4.5.3.x, about IPv6 or who knows.

Not a “bug” but a design issue in flyme (m2 Mini and also Note): Security Center enforces to kill all non-stock apps when system goes to deep sleep to save battery.

One must ‘lock’ the apps as above, or freeze Security Center or (if the phone really works with?) install (Elephone P9000) custom ROM instead of Meizu’s flyme.

@zgfg thank you! The only annoying problem I have is to lock VPN program. Even if I lock it in background applications it still killed in deep sleep. I’ll hope with future updates they’ll fix this problem.
Do they plan to release Flyme 5 update for m2 mini?


@rreckonerr Did you allow the app to run, without getting killed, from the security center?

@Ultrametric yes. Both at the Security Center and at background applications

I think you need to enable root in order to make it all work. I have Flyme 4.5.4A in Meizu M2 Note and I never had a single problem with Security Center.

Even non-stock apps such as Facebook Messegner, Google Maps, Firefox or Poweramp don’t get killed by Security Center and they are not system apps. I am sharing screenshot with you all.


Go to Security Center - Power Status and then click four squares on the bottom right, then enable, disable apps. Also disable any power mode.
Then go to Permissions, and enable applications AutoLaunch, then on the next tab Notify.

Go to Settings, Accounts, My Flyme, setup account if you don’t have, then click on your nickname, scroll down and tap “System Priviledges” to open them. It will root the phone. Then enter it and for selected apps in the list click and tick “Allow” then “Remember my choice” and “Still Allow”.

This may work for you since it works like a charm for me.

One thing I want to point out that may be useful.

ALWAYS, I repeat, ALWAYS make Google Apps system ones.

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that doesnt work for me, when i tap on the security-power-the app i want and keep going, it start bugging out the apps names and icons and i end up with 1 or to apps selected or even none, also what you do to make google apps system?


@Francisco-Guerra did you restart the phone after applying the changes?

It might take a restart to work.

i will try to screen record, the restart does nothing, they i cant even select them properly, any app to the record?

You may have faulty Software installed. If this happens, I suggest doing a clean ROM install with data wipe.

did that once, and it was like this before… maybe some outdated security version? it seens there was some other user with the issue

May be, but I suggest to install Flyme 4.5.4A if available for M2.

i’m using, the latest i belive

Security bug

There’s the record from my bug on security, if you see i tap meo cloud, tap Skype, scroll down and there is one app with meo cloud name, but different icon… i push up and everything is different

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