Meizu HD50 First Impression

Gone are the days, when Meizu was known for their audio products. Nowadays we know Meizu for their phones, but may have forgotten that the company started in the year 2003 with MP3 players. The veteran company on the audio market, was highly praised for it’s sound quality and cheap prices. For a price of 60$ Meizu delivers with the HD50, an astonishing product.

What’s inside of the box

It’s a pleasure to unbox the HD50, you are greeted by the following quote:

For the lovely ones Designed by Meizu
The headphones are safely placed inside a black Meizu branded back, perfectly fitting for the HD50 and all the accessories. I really like the minimalistic and practical design, it feels premium.

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Here we go :) Rey opened a topic for it.

Meizu Pro 6

On-ear or over-ear?


Yes it’s on ear, and does not surround the ear like the SONY MDR-100AAP would do.
The headphones just fit tight (while being comfortable), and reduce noise that way.

Here are some more pictures of the unboxing

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bleh… what can i say… looks sexy…

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