Meizu HD50

Right in time for Christmas, the Meizu HD50 arrived.
I am using em for a bit by now, and still am impressed!

Started to write down my first impressions on the front-page.
What do you guys think about em?

Where did you get those?


seen little review on front page but comments was locked…
a few questions i got here…
size of that headphone box/accessories…
earcaps… as i understood they not covering your ear right? they are just closing ear…
where did you got them from and delivery expenses will be good to know…
Aliexpress got huuuge prices on those…
so far i can see only Gearbest have a reasonable price… (still they lie about original price (its set as high as 110-150 $ lol)) but they “have discounts” on them right now so they selling there for Meizu’s original price (60 $)


Gearbest for 60$
And had the usual trouble with Gearbest. Ordered white ones first. After a week when I asked when they will ship out, and got the reply that the item is currently not available… I should wait. So canceled the order.
And tried my luck some days later, with the black headphones.

The ears are not surrounded, but covered.

The black or pouch is 20 cm times 18 cm, the ear muffs have a diameter of 7cm.
Will add some more pictures later today, first the dogs want to be walked :)

I would not have spent more than the 60$ on em.

I also got them a few days ago.

The build quality seems to be very good. The look nice, feel nice, smell normal and make a sturdy impression. However before using them for a year I wouldn’t give a guarantee that they last forever.

The sound quality is definitely good - way better then other really cheap headphones. I am a hifi fan for a long time and I think I can differ between poor and good sound. I am not sure though if I would say that they are as good as 100$ headphones from other brands but they are definetly worth the money. However, I need some more time for listening to go in more detail regarding the sound quality.


@Jan219 please share your impressions, would like to hear it all.

Here my short review:

For my first test here I used the Meizu Pro 5 without any sound improvement software and without any eq adjustments. I used the newest Spotify version using the highest streaming quality. I didn’t try any other player since I don’t have other good equipment at hand to make any comparisons. Therefore, I can’t tell you how much influence the Pro 5 has on my personal experience with these headphones. Furthermore, I must say that I do not have much experience with headphones in general. I usually use Panasonic RP HJE350 in-ears since they are very comfortable and have a good sound. I also have a pair of Xiaomi Piston 3 (or at least the model after Piston 2) which make a better bass than the Panasonic (but are in all other regards not better and unfortunately less comfortable). Therefore, my possibilities for direct comparisons are limited.

But back to topic. I first listened to some metal. My first impression was that the headphones produce in general a rather “dry” sound. Especially when listening to metal it sounded sometimes like there were less instruments playing than I remembered there to be. Guitars in songs like “Through the never” from Metallica or “Behind Space ’99” and “In search for I” from In Flames have luckily a raw and realistic scratchy sound which shows that there is enough precision even when playing music with much louder background instruments. Cheap headphones are often not capable of showing this when listening to heavily distorted guitars. The bass though sounded sometimes a bit too deep for my taste. The base drum consequently sounded sometimes not 100%ly natural. It sounded a bit like the frequencies between 80 and 100hz came a bit to short. Compared to my Hi-fi system I must say there was still a big gap in resolution when all instruments including singer were making “noise”. It was still really good, but far away from being perfect.

Next I listened to some dance music, I tried first some Avicii songs. My first impression was immediately much better. The accentuated deeper basses matched much better to this genre. Even at high volumes the precision remained extraordinary high. The same applies for the dynamic range which subjectively seemed to be much higher compared to my Panasonic rj350 and Xiaomi Piston 3 in ears. Next I tried Marcapasos’ “The Fear” and the deep and precise bass came also really impressive.

Afterwards I listened to some more vocal focused music. I tried Wir sind Helden – “Wenn es passiert” and The Beatles – “Let it be”. Both showed extremely clear voices and a great dynamic. I continued with Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to heaven”. Probably thanks to the Pro 5 I never experienced such a perfect stereo separation during that song. The guitars sounded again amazing and I never heard a bass guitar in a similar precision and dynamic through headphones before.

All in all, I am really happy with the HD50. Considering the price tag it is obviously a real bargain. The bass goes super deep although sometimes with a bit too much emphasis for some music genre, the resolution remains good, even for more sophisticated types of music while the subjective dynamic is impressive. The middle tones are and the treble are also good although not exceptionally good.

Finally, the built quality and feel is amazing and a clever mechanic allows to fold them to require less space. They are super comfortable to wear, pretty light, and the isolate also very well. Last but not least they also look great and if I wouldn’t know it I would immediately believe that these pair of headphones cost much more than $100.

My full recommendation!

If you have any further questions, just ask me.

One last word regarding the Pro 5: Before I got the it, I doubt that the additional investment over other Xiaomi/Meizu’s would be justified by getting the better A/D converter and amplifier. Now I am sure it is worth it. The difference between normal phones is much much bigger than I ever expected! And you don’t even need a great pair of headphones to tell the difference. Even with my cheap Panasoni In-ears the sound quality got an amazing boost.


@Jan219 Thanks for your amazing review.

@Jan219 Thanks a lot, mate! Metalhead here as well - is it possible to blast some Death Metal without scaring the whole train wagon? ;-) Means, does it isolate good enough to use it in public on a reasonable volume?

@hypoPLAsm i don’t own the earphones but since they’re not covering your whole ear but rather stay on top of the ear i’m sure they’ll leak some sound out.

@SeaMoose Yes, I think that makes sense. Well, I’ll see, I ordered them yesterday. :-)

@hypoPLAsm really hope you enjoy them nonetheless

Nice review, i did order me some now.
Got the black ones in a valentine sale offer from gearbest quite cheap. Might also buy the white ones if i like the black ones.

The HD50 look much better then the Xiaomi ones thought.

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