MEIZU MX4 Hard Brick problem...


I have Meizu MX4 from China. I tried installed CM 12, next i wanted to return Flyme, but i couldn’t normally update OS, because phone entered Cofface Recovery, so i flashed by recovery, and i can’t run my Flyme OS. I still see Meizu logo. Recovery isn’t working, but VOLUME DOWN + POWER works - at the end of the screen i see a little text

“=> FASTBOOT made…”

What can i do? It’s probably full-brick… i know.
But i have chance to repair it?

I’m sorry for my English.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year, for everybody.

Meizu MX4

It has been said countless times: NEVER flash a stock flymeOS if you have a modified device. You need to remove several files before flashing or it will brick your phone like in your case.

First take a look at the link of @Naphtha . I will lock the topic for this moment.

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