help unroot

hello guys i rooted my phone 2 month ago from the flyme account settings (when u just hit the root previliges and it roots your phone)
now i want to unroot it and i dont know how/ there is no option to remove in setting
what to do? i heard about flashing friware i dont know if this the answer and i dont know what it means

thx for your help

Yes to unroot your meizu phone, you will have to flash an file. To attain this zip you can them on this site or on meizu site. To run the installation. Just put the file anywhere on your phone and click on it and it will ask you to prompt the update which will unroot your device. I did this because when you root you can’t get the beta updates for flyme 5


@oranlevi8 please read the F.A.Q., it takes a bit to read it all, but gives you a lot. It also has written down how to un-root, your phone.

Uh, and the link to the F.A.Q is in my signature :)

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