SuperSU Flyme 3.6.x workaround

If you love to use SuperSU as your Permission manager tool then you must have observed that 3.6.x KitKat update seems to have trouble with it (Root is lost after reboot)… So here is a short workaround to get SuperSU working:

1. Open Root Privileges through settings as we normally do.
2. Download SuperSU v1.45 from the devs official site here: SuperSU 1.45 (It is a CWM flashable .zip which we can’t use as we don’t have custom recovery)
3. Open the .zip and extract out ‘Superuser.apk’ from ‘System/app’ directory within the .zip to your phone’s sdcard. (Rename it to Superuser145.apk to avoid confusion)
4. From the phone run this .apk which will install SuperSU 1.45
5. Start up SuperSU and it will ask to update the SU binaries. Allow it. and Select ‘Normal’ method. Grant su permission when Flyme prompts you (4 or 5 times).
6. It will install successfully! DO NOT REBOOT.
7. Go to Playstore and update SuperSU from there (1.94 as of writing). and it will prompt to update SU binaries which you should let it update by Normal method. And it will succeed. You can reboot after this and root will still work fine.

(I have personally not tried 1.94 from playstore. Only tried the 1.99r5 BETA which the developer has released for testing. But it should work fine with playstore version I think. Kindly let me know if it fails.)

Tested with: Flyme 3.6.7A

I have informed the developer of SuperSU of this issue. Hope he gets time to look into it soon.

Direct link to SuperSU 1.4.5 APK -!sMFADbJL!DWWeSs_csyAYzO0X9X3O_Os8i1vRVHiTArGsVPl6HNw

Also, iI want to mention that after updating the SuperSU app from the play store and updating the su binaries through it, it may say that it failed to install, and upon relaunching SuperSU will say that you have no binaries installed. Just reboot the phone and SuperSU should work. That’s how it was for me.

Thanks a lot!! Now, it’s work with Flyme

Thanks from Brazil!

Thanks a lot! Confirmed work with Flyme Meizu MX4 without any updates.just install Superuser1.45.apk only .works like charm!

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