landscape display orientation can't show full size wallpaper

Dear support,

    On my MX5 I use Nova launcher 

When I setup display orientation to AUTO on landscape this is what happens
…and it is quite annoying

Flyme version

Ps, As well I don’t have animation wallpapers and when I download one, there is no option to setup, at the end there is no way to set it up, but it doesn’t matter to me anyway.

Can someone please offer me a hint how to solve this issue?

Thank you

Tomislav, Croatia

There is an app called “image 2 live wallpaper”, it allows you to set an image as landscape wallpaper to fit all the screen size. You will be able to set the same image as portrait and landscape wallpaper ( you would have to crop it with the app or have a rotated copy of the image previously ), or use different images for each screen orientation

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