Review [Meizu Pro 5]

What do you guys think about this latest review for the Meizu Pro 5 from !?

Well, at least they proved that this phone is a beast. The review itself was crap, though. Not that I’d be able to do any better ;)

Yes Yes I definitely couldn’t stand that woman, but… She is right about the Camera at low light though :(

Dude… I think I will go for Samsung Note 5 in the end, It’s just SAFER and a little bit more expensive is definitely worth it. What do you think!?

I think I will go for Samsung Note 5 alsow just waithing for offer on ebay. Few weeks ago was been 569$ 32gb qhd display, s pen, wireless charging 100$ more you get everything you need on the phone.


@zrzatore that’s just how much the 64gb international Pro 5 costs.

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