Battery getting to big

Hi, I have a problem:
The battery in my mx5 is getting big. So the display is bending outwards - at least now 1,5mm in the middle. Until now there is only a smal krack in the tempered glas screen protector.
Does enyone heard obout that problem ???


Throw the phone away.
This is extremely dangerous!

The battery could explode any moment, which may result in burnt skin.

true that… throw it away, take a picture of it and send it to whomever you bought from! have you charged your phone with the original charger? do you use any kind of adapter on top of your charger? those will be first questions that service will ask you.

Take photos for evidence, claim warranty replacement?
Personally, I wouldn’t risk charging it again.

Hi folks, would you like to see a little video I made?
Still the phone works fine - it stopped growing. Now I ordered a new battery from to replace by myself.

This is the answer from meizu service:

"Dear Thomas,

Thank you for writing to us.
We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused.
Sorry to inform you that your seller is not our official agent.
We suggest that you contact the seller for further solution or claim for your rights according to our company’s policy.

Have a nice day.

Best Regards
MEIZU Customer Service Representative"

@Bundix i wouldn’t replace it. take it to a professional,you’re dealing with pretty dangerous stuff. also if the screen is bent it’ll be somewhat hard to bend it back with the space created between this inflated battery and the old screen.
good luck and stay safe :)

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