Can't Send or Receive SMS.

I am sorry for opening a new topic, I did not find this problem anywhere.

The problem is, I cannot receive or send SMS from my M2. When I try to install new SMS apps, it says “No default SIM card chosen for sending SMS” And I can’t set it up anywhere. Any ideas / solutions for this?
Thank You in advance.

Were you able to send/receive SMS by using the native, stock Messaging app, before you tried to install any 3rd party SMS apps, and (if you did so?) before you frost or removed ANY stock (bloatware) app or service?

Check if SMSC is correctly configured in the SMS settings

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@zgfg Thank You for your reply, I did not try, instantly frosted it. Now I tried it, and worked. Is there any way to use 3rd party apps, or only stock works here then?

@zgfg Thank you, this Textra solved my problem, I am able to receive and send messages with it. :) Thank You for the help! Merry Xmas! :)

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