Flashing firmware with A or I version


If a chinese version of MX4 has firmware type A can I flash it with international version I?

And what about an international version of the phone? Can it be flashed with A version?

Please, give me a reliable answer. Thank you.


International phones ( all but TCCM phones) may be flahsed with the international firmware.

And you can force an international firmware on a Chinese phone, if you really have to ( with drawbacks), have a look in the general section for the guide

Thanks, I just have MX4 that I bought in Polish shop and it has TCCM labels, so I believe it is official international version. Can I flash it with A firmware?


@Adam72 If you have a TCCM phone, you have an international phone, that’s additionally locked.

You can not flash any Chinese Firmwares on your phone. But please try it out, nothing bad can happen to you.

When you try to flash a Chinese Firmware, the Recovery will throw a “Corrupt Firmware” message at you :P

Thanks again for answering me. In fact I swiched from I to A and back several times and each time the phone worked flawlessy. The only disadvantage was the lack of google services but it is easy to download them from flyme store.
My original question was asked because someone on Polish forum wrote the same thing as you in the post above that it was impossible to flash A soft over international MX4 and I must have bought a fake international version if I could do that. That is not true. It is possible, at least on TCCM versions. Currently I am running on and it works fine. I am planning to upgrade to the latest, but to do that I have to downgrade to 4.04.I first and then apply the A version. Always make a clean install.


@Adam72 that’s good news, I hope all TCCM phones can switch to A as they wish.

@Ultrametric Is the A version better than I version?

For me it is just the problem that I versions shows up too rarely. I like to change versions and watch what is changing. Besides in A versions they still use themes for customization and chinese music service. But A versions are not multilanguage, so you have only english or chinese.

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